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Netent Group(PTY) Ltd
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Computer Systems and Electronics
Our company is specialising in the:
   >  Retail Sales of Computers Systems and Accessories.
   >  Retail Sales of Printers and Consumeables.
   >  Computer Maintenance and Repair.
   >  Network Installations and Setup.

Security Systems
Our company is involved in three integrated business with a common objective of delivering high quality security systems that meet the needs of it's clients.  The business are:
   >  Sourcing
   >  Distribution and
   >  System Integration

We recognizes that the security systems business is evolving rapidly over the world as technologies are developed in electronics, communication and other related fields.  It is then imperative that any supplier of security equipment may be able to continuously access the lowest cost-highest value security equipment.

Other Divisions
   >  Website Hosting and Design.
   >  Textiles.
   >  Training & Development.

Our mission at the Netent Group is and will always be to serve our customers better than anyone else could serve them. We will provide our customers with value through our products and services, committing ourselves to providing the quality, variety and convenience they expect. We will continue to build on our foundation as a world-class retailer and distributor that values long-standing ties with its constituents, and conducts its business with integrity and ethics.
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