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Training & Development
At Netent Training and Development we offer simple, uncomplicated tuition in all areas of computing.  No fancy IT talk, just plain English.  With classes taught at the speed our clients are comfortable with.  We can help - whatever your level of ability is.  We want you to feel happy and confident in your computer use so our courses are tailored to fit your needs.  Choose one to one tuition, or our friendly group classes.
Basic Computer Skills and the Network Environment (Windows 7)
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
TurboCash Accounting
Basic Programming Skills using the Visual Basic Platform
Basic Programming using the Java NetBeans Platform
Computer Training

Basic Computer Training
We offer a series of introductory courses designed to familiarise students with the basic concepts of computer use, including a basic computer literacy course, keyboard skills and an introductions to Microsoft Windows 7.

Microsoft Training Courses

We focus om Microsoft products with a special emphesis on Microsoft Office training.  We offer basic, intermediate and advance courses for a range of Microsoft products.