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Computer Hardware
CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burners
We supply a wide variaty of optical drives from manufactures like Hitachi, HP, LG, among others.

Computer Case
Computer cases come in two main configurations - desktop or tower.  Towers (by far the most prevalent) come in three sizes - mini tower,
mid tower and full tower. . The larger full tower pc cases allow more component space and provide easy access than the smaller mid
tower pc cases, but take up more room. For the vast majority of users a mid-tower computer case is the most sensible choice.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit), or processor, is fundamentally the brain of your computer, so it should be among your first purchases
when building or updating your system. Key factors to consider when buying a CPU include speed and cost, so take into account how
you’ll be using your computer. Are you just building or upgrading a basic system? Or maybe you’re a computer enthusiast who plays
games and loves outstanding multimedia entertainment?

Hard Disk Drive
Finding the hard disk drive you need is easy at Netent Computers, where you’ll find a wide variety of drives from manufacturers like,
Hitachi, HP, Lenovo, Seagate and Western Digital, among others. You can also buy the components - hard drive, hard drive enclosure and
cooling unit - and build your own storage solution. When changing the hard disk drive in your system, though, remember to clone it first so
you can easily get back up to full function fast.

Input Devices
There are also other kinds of computer input devices, such as mice, trackballs, tablets, and game controllers (joysticks, gamepads, etc.).
Today, a large number of these input devices (from manufacturers like Acecad, Adesso, Genius, Gyration, Kensington, Logitech,
Microsoft, Targus, and other) are wireless input devices. And don't forget the mouse pad - the quality and surface texture of your mouse
pad has a direct impact on the accuracy and control of your input device.

As programs grow increasingly complex, you’ll discover your PC may not be working as quickly and efficiently as it used to. While you
might be tempted to purchase a new, more powerful computer, you can dramatically enhance your computer’s performance simply by
upgrading your memory. For far less than what you’d pay for a new computer, a memory upgrade will often have your PC working faster
and more efficiently than ever before.

Choosing the monitor that’s right for you boils down to a three things: screen size, picture quality and cost.
Most desktop monitors today have screens ranging from 19” to 29” but larger screens of 40” to 55” are also increasingly popular. It really
depends on how you’re using your computer. If it’s just for emailing and word processing, a smaller screen should be sufficient. But if
you’re using your computer for designing, gaming or for viewing movies, a larger screen may be a better choice

Choosing a motherboard can be an overwhelming task. The industry boasts an incredible variety of motherboard manufacturers and
models, and each motherboard is compatible with either a specific Intel or AMD processor. Since the motherboard is the nervous system
of your PC, it is important to do your homework by reading motherboard reviews.