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Coping Clothing
Clothing Item and Wardrobe Favourate
Order a copy of a favouraite clothing item you already own.

Requirements for Copying
The original item must have visible signs of use, but still in a wearable condition and must be clean.  You must own the original item and are not buying the copy for resale.  The original will be taken apart to make a pattern.  If desired the original can be re-assembled.

New clothing, or clothing items of any kind from pictures or photographs, will not be copied if their is a copyright protection on that clothing item.

Good Candidates for Copying Include:
Blouses and Shirts.
Dresses and Skirts.
Pants and Shorts.
Robes and Pajamas.
What to Expect
It is important to note that the copy will not be identical.  The fabric, thread, buttons, snaps, zippers, etc. will be different.  Be aware that the age of the original contributes to its fit and ultimate comfort.  The copy will seldom feel the same as the original, even if it is exactly the same size.

As with many other items we fashion, th copy may cost more than one purchased ready-made at retail.  Although each situation is different, the diffrerence in cost cab be significant.