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Men's Tailoring & Alterations
Hemming, Repairing and Altering Men's Clothing
Tailoring repair and sewing alterations on pants, slacks, trousers, shirts, suits and sport coats for men in and around Uitenhage, Despatch and Port Elizabeth.

Looking Better and Feel Better - We can Help.
Your appearance is important.  Your wardrobe contributes significantly to your self-esteem and the impression you make on others.  As experts in Men's tailoring alterations and clothing repair, we can help.

Men have relied on netent Textiles sewing expertise for more than 10 years.  Our fulltime sewing business and personal men's clothing alteration service is designed to accomodate your busy schedule.  Our tailoring seamstress gets your pants hemmed and other clothing repair needs done right.

Tailoring Repair and Alteration Services Include:
Hem, Shorten, lengthen, Ajust Break - Inseam, Pants, Slacks and Trousers.
Skirts and Dresses - shorten/lengthen and take in/take out.
Pockets - Replace or Repair.
Elbow Patches - Add, Remove or Replace.
Zips - Replace.
Buttons - Replace or Re-attach.
Buttonholes - Make or Repair.
Linings in Coats and Suits - Replace or Repair.
Shirt Sleeves - Shorten or Lengthen.
Lapels - Repair, Make Smaller.
Men's Uniform Sewing, Mending and Repair
Work and sports-related uniforms and specialty clothing require alteration too.  Netent Textiles provides sewing-related service to many local company employees.