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Training & Development
At Netent Training and Development we offer sewing training that prepares students to construct, mend and alter garments and other textile items.  Those seeking professional careers in the sewing industry may find positions as tailors, dressmakers or menders.  Most sewing courses emphasize the use of a swewing machine, although some handwork techniques are also taught.
How to setup the sewing machine.
Winding the bobbins.
Change needles.
Thread upper thread.
Using a needle threader.
Using and understanding thread tension.
Changing the bulb.
Adjusting the Presser foot presser.
Changing the Presser foot sole,
Using the darning plate.
Details of the machine - what all the machine parts are and it's functions.
Maintenance of the machine - how to clean and oil the machine.
Facts about sewing needles - what size needles to use for different fabrics.
The student will then look at:
The student will then learn about the different type of stitches to use use for different fabric:
Straight stitching in light-weight woven fabric on medium weight woven fabric and on heavy weight woven fabric.
Sewing over a thick seam.
Needle positions.
Open seam on special fabrics and reinforced seams on heavy weight woven fabric.
The students will also learn how to overlock on different fabric types and how to do hems and button holes.  On completion of the training the student will know how to properly use a seawing machine and will ultimately improved on the products she/he makes.
Sewing Training

The training includes the following: